Contemporary and Classic Combined in Open Style Texas House Design

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Contemporary and Classic Combined in Open Style Texas House

Miro Rivera Architect Company had a great project of house renovation in Austin, Texas, which deftly combined classic and contemporary Texas house elements in one spacious and open style residence. This is a result of great idea, which combined the semi-rural look of a traditional Texas house with modern elements and materials. The house also allows a lot of access to outdoor area, by blending indoor and outdoor elements perfectly.

The house boasts effective use of space, thus creating great-interconnected spatial look that makes the house feel relaxing as well as comfortable. The house was also renovated in such a way that it has environmentally friendly elements.

Open Space, Bright Interior

This contemporary Texas house feels so open, spacious and bright. The two-storey house has large, floor-to-ceiling windows that provide a lot of natural light as well as beautiful view of the swimming pool and trees that surround the property. Open terrace, wide lawn, tree as decoration and swimming pool in the middle give such countryside feeling.

All rooms such as kitchen, bedroom and living room get direct access to the yard and natural light source; therefore, the house has such a non-restrictive atmosphere that creates relaxing air in the house. Natural light source and large windows can reduce the usage of electricity for lamps and air conditioner, therefore helping you to be more environmentally friendly.

Classic and Modern Elements

The house itself was renovated from traditional Texas cabin, but the traditional elements were not left. This contemporary Texas house is dominated with bright, neutral colors, and combining both natural and modern elements such as wood and stainless steel. For example, modern kitchen with state of the art stainless steel appliances also has hardwood floor and island with lounge chairs around it.

This contemporary Texas house is a perfect residence for those who love having traditional Texas heritage cabin built in modern way and equipped with modern appliances as well as furniture.

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