Summer Holiday Inspired Contemporary Retreat Apartment Concept

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For those who live and work in busy cities, a retreat house or living space is the utmost important. They need a comfortable and relaxing place, where they spend the rest of the day with high-quality sleep. This was what NG Studio envisioned when designing the apartment in Cap d’Ail, a city near to Monaco. The contemporary retreat apartment was aimed for a summer residence.

Temporary Residence During Summer

The apartment was not designed as a permanent residence. The owners rent them during summer holidays. Therefore, the concept focuses on proving the quests with a totally relaxing atmosphere of French Rivera. Consequently, the designing process put special emphasis on the interior rather on the exterior. Each of the units was designed in such a concept that provides the visitors with a personalized but contemporary retreat apartment.

One of the focuses in the interior design is evident from the organization of storage system. Each room has a large size cabinet that can accommodate huge stuffs, thus making it suitable for visitors who have a long-distance summer holiday. The cabinet is also designed to accommodate a television set as well as a small sink. The same cabinetry concept is also applied in the shelving closets.

Bright tone domination

To highlight the summer season inspiration, the contemporary retreat apartment is dominated by summer-inspired bright but captivating tones. They are colors of sand, blue sea and blue sky, and stone. It means that, the guests are amazed by white, soft brown and blue tones. Color of stone is applied to the wall near to the headboard, sand tone to the color of hardwood floor planks and furniture items, and blue to the bathroom and bedding ornaments.

Upon entering the room, the guests will be overwhelmed with a view of the clouds above the sea. These bright accents make the bedroom look charming, thus encouraging the visitors’ mood to enjoy the summer holiday.

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