Turning Splash Back into Modern Kitchen Focal Point

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Focal point in a kitchen is important to bring attention to kitchen interior and create standout element even though the kitchen might be simple. In fact, a simple kitchen can use some help from focal point to improve its look. Splash back is one of the best ideas for kitchen focal point; it is practical, does not take up much space and easy to install and clean. In addition, it can be ordered based on your favorite pattern and colors.

Practical and Functional Splash Back
Splash back is great for the wall behind the stove or sink, and it has a great function for protecting the wall from oil, grease or moisture. Splash back is made of hard, toughened glass plate to withstand the heat from cooking oil. However, splash back should not become a dull accessory in the kitchen without any appealing visual aspect. Since splash back is attaching on the wall to protect it, you can turn the kitchen interior into something more visually appealing.

Why don’t you put some great colors and patterns on the splash back in a kitchen designing project? They will become a good addition to an otherwise dull kitchen. Imagine you have a simple kitchen dominated by white and grey; a bright, colorful splash back with interesting patterns can instantly turn the kitchen into an eye-catching room. The colorful splash back creates a great contrast with the kitchen and makes focal point. Custom splash back is available at many kitchen improvement stores, so make sure you get the splash back that screams your taste.

How to Order Splash Back
Ordering splash back for kitchen interior is a simple affair. You only need to provide accurate measurements of the area behind your stove to install splash back, and do not forget to give extra 3 millimeters for side expansion. You can also order various patterns or color options, and you can install the splash back yourself in the kitchen interior using inserted attachment kits.

“Splash back is not only practical, but you can also turn it into beautiful focal point in your kitchen and leave impression on anyone enters.”

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